Vitality . Performance . Recovery . Prevention . Longevity

Bio Nutra X


Help Harness the Body’s True Potential

  • Individualized Nutrition
  • Biochemistry and DNA
  • Principles of Functional Medicine
  • Motivational Coaching for Behavioral Change
  • Data Driven Personalized Programs

Work with Individuals at their CORE

  • In Depth Health History Review, Lifestyle, and Personal Goals
  • Systemic Health
  • 5 Vital DNA Panels
  • Nutritional Status
  • Cardiovascular Risk
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Hormones
  • Gastrointestinal and Gut Health
  • Food Sensitivities

Build Relationships for Trust & Success

  • Full Analysis of Data
  • Development of Individualized Protocol
  • Review Personal Results and Program
  • Assist with Implementation
  • Evaluate Progress & Make Necessary Adjustments



When we think of the definition of vitality, we often think of being strong, active and having energy. But when we take it one step further we see that it also means the “capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful existence”. Helping our clients create maximum health also means they get to live purposeful lives.


Whether you’re an executive supporting the success of a company, an athlete dedicated to winning, a coach responsible for leading a team, a parent raising the next generation – in a world that is moving a lot faster than we can sometimes keep up with, we know that performing at your very best every day is crucial. 


Injury, a diagnosis of chronic disease or condition, or a traumatic experience that has effected your health – uncovering the root cause will help us decide what the best course of action is for healing and preventing further symptoms or progression.


Looking into health and family history, DNA, current biochemistry and lifestyle will help guide us to create interventions and plans for prevention moving forward. We aim to uncover possible imbalances before symptoms and conditions manifest 


Beyond living a long life – we want our clients to live with the best health possible. We believe this will lead to overall happiness, energy, success, love, and purpose. 

What is Functional Medicine

Key Elements

  • Patient-centered where patients and practitioners work together as a team
  • Systems biology and science – based approach
  • Analyzes lifestyle, signs and symptoms, core imbalances, metabolic pathways, biomarkers, and genetics to find the WHY
  • Addresses underlying causes of illness and disease and determines root cause to promote health and wellness
  • Requires a detailed understanding of each individual to create personalized treatment plans

Do you want to....



Our Founder

Kathy Xydis, a Clinical and Functional Nutritionist, holds a Master’s of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health and passed her board exam through the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS). This is the gold standard credential for advanced nutrition professionals. Through her Certification with DNALife and her ability to interpret diagnostic lab work, she has also earned the faculty to help clients make lifestyle changes based on their biochemistry and genetics – empowering them to create long lasting results for disease prevention and higher levels of health and vitality.

Having healed her own body, she is passionate about helping others do the same. Bio Nutra X was created from her vision to change the way we look at health and healing and to also change the face of Performance Nutrition. She takes the individual into account, looking at every angle – biochemistry, systemic health, digestion, hormones, nutritional status, genetics, lifestyle – and creates a personalized plan for each client.

Kathy’s passion is to create maximum health on a global scale and is dedicated to being the best practitioner for her clients. She is currently enrolled in her doctoral program to become a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition.

She is based in Santa Monica, CA and works with clients all over the world.