Bio Nutra X

Initial Consultation (1.5 - 2 hours)

When was the last time you had a health practitioner spend that much time with you? One of the key components of Functional Medicine and Nutrition emphasizes Relationship – Centered Care. It is important for us to know who is in front of us – we want to know more about YOU. Everyone’s story is different and significant. This information can give us the clues into your specific imbalances and needs and how to move forward in assisting you with your personalized plan.

Initial consultation includes full evaluation and...

  • Clarity about your specific goals, why you sought out a functional nutritionist, and what you hope to get from our time working together
  • Discussion about your concerns, especially as it relates to your health and goals moving forward
  • Assessment of your medical and family history, medications, nutrient imbalances, and current blood work if applicable
  • Evaluation of your nutritional intake and 3 day food journal to identify where improvements can be made
  • Review of lifestyle elements and how this may be effecting or causing imbalances
  • Analysis of signs and symptoms on a systemic level and how everything combined feeds into their manifestation
  • Discussion of appropriate biochemical and/or genetic tests needed to better gauge your needs

90 Day Program

No two people are the same, nor are their needs, goals, genetics and lifestyle. Each client will have their own individualized plan created and will work with their nutritionist one on one to accomplish their goals. This allows for careful monitoring, adjustments, and accountability. This program includes:

  • An individualized plan will be constructed based on our initial consultation and your specific goals and needs
  • 90 days of personalized care
  • Weekly 30 – 45 min video chats where we will review your progress and set you up for the next week’s action steps
  • Acountability, keeping you on track through the process
  • Work through any blocks that are holding you back
  • Partners in your success
  • Personal portal where all your notes, documents, recommendations, chats, and test results are stored for easy access at any point
  • Biochemical and/or DNA tests can be added to this service and may be recommended based on needs. Tests are an extra cost but my analysis is included within this program

PLUS Biochemical Testing

We work with our clients at their CORE by also running diagnostic tests – analyzing and implementing the data from a functional approach. Through our initial consultation, we will decide which tests are most appropriate and needed. Some tests include:

  • Nutritional Status
  • Cardiovascular Risk
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Hormones
  • Gatrointestinal/Gut Health
  • Food Sensitivites

PLUS Genetic Testing

We do not have to be ruled by our genes. By running DNA tests, we are aware of our clients’ variations ahead of time. This enables us to tailor their diet, environment, and lifestyle in order to suppress the manifestation of certain conditions and help us understand why others may have manifested already – also guiding us on next steps and interventions. The initial consultation is required for this service and can be combined with any other service. 


Determining genomic stability as it impacts all relevant pathways

*Exposure to dietary carcinogens, biotransformation, DNA repair and synthesis

*Defining optimal requirements of key minerals and vitamins for preventing genomic instability and diseases of lifestyle– not just following recommended dietary allowances to prevent diseases of deficiency – everyone is different

  • DIET

Associations with body weight and body mass index

*Genes involved in regulation of energy expenditure, appetite, and fat metabolism – all play an important role in weight regulation


Examines various areas that impact training responsiveness & performance:

*Soft tissue and bone formation and remodeling; inflammation; oxidative stress; oxygenation influenced by blood flow and respiration; energy and fuel production; and metabolism during exercise

  • MIND

*Mental acuity

*Neurodegenerative disorders

*Mood disorders & addictive behavior


Biosynthesis, metabolism, and phase I and II detoxification

*Guiding the personalization of diet, hormone and nutritional supplement recommendations – based on individual genetic needs

*Benefit men and women who suffer from numerous estrogen-dominant conditions and who have higher lifetime exposure to estrogens, estrogen metabolites and other carcinogens


We will combine all services and construct the ultimate plan. This is perfect for individuals wanting to get the clearest picture of how their DNA, diet, and lifestyle have manifested in the body. This program is extremely data driven and will be combined with the in depth initial consultation.  


Whether a small team, a large corporation, or a sports organization we will develop a program specific to your needs. Contact us to schedule a discover session at your offices or training facility.